Everflow Bubbler
Everflow Bubbler

Everflow Bubbler

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[ALL Everfall bubbler customers will be welcomed to our "Buddieburners crew"  and be able to earn 10% of any purchases their friends make with us + 10% off all of their own orders ]


Over 20" Tall!!! Take a journey with the worlds first auto-recycling + filtering gravity Bong, the "EVERFALL" ! The ever-flowing + always filtering design of the Everfall allows for a smoking experience that will leave you and your friends shocked and impressed! Water movement in the Everfall is a key factor in oxygenation of the water. Oxygen exchange occurs primarily at the surface of the water and increases in proportion to the amount of water agitation. Ensuring that there is plenty of water movement will ensure your lungs will receive a fresh and happy hit every time bowl after bowl!

  water filtration composition and function:

  1. PVC non-woven filter later: impurity catcher in our system to suspend solids and visible impurities.


Each Everfall purchase includes:

[1] Everfall unit with auto recycling system.

[1] Ice Blue croybotz (freezer friendly attachment for an amazing smoking experience). It also holds any pens!

[1] Banger bucket (for the beast dabs you will have ever had!)

[1] Single bowl (for flower)

[1] triple stackabowl (for the more adventurous smoker)

[1] auto-entry into our 10% off Buddieburners crew program!

*when you order your Everfall bubbler simply put the discount code you want to give your friends and family for 10% off, each month we will post all team sales on our Buddieburners crew page and a check will be mailed the first of each month once you reach the $50 sales commission amount ($500 in sales).