What does the Hydronius do?

Happiness! Besides make you and your friends smile for days, the tornado effect of the Hydronius brings water and air into close contact, dissolving fresh oxygen and accelerating the evaporation of volatile compounds. It aerates the water, letting it “breathe” for the crispest, most satisfying smoking experience ever!

 How Do I use my auto hitting Breath 0 attachment?

Simply add your Breath 0 to the top of your Freezie and then press the on button rapidly 2 times and vuala! Now simply light your bowl and watch in awe as the smoke billows out of your filtered Breath 0. To clean your filter pads simply remove from your unit and scrub with warm water and return to unit.

My Hydronius will not turn on?

ONLY use the included charger outlet/or a laptop, or one of our boost batteries. Do not plug your hydronius into your phone charger or any other wall units as the power output is to high to charge your unit and may cause damage.


I press the green on button, it lights up, but nothing happens?

Contact us. First make sure nothing is obstructing your spinner unit at the center bottom and also make sure your Hydronius is clean. If it still does not work email us and we will take care of you immediately.


Why is my tracking not updating?

Patience. Once you receive your tracking notification wait 24-48 hours for the shipping department to scan and have it out on its way.


Why does it take a few days to ship after I place my order? I ordered Friday, when will my order be shipped?

Hydronius is not a pack and ship item, each unit is hand crafted, assembled, and tested to perfection. We go through a comprehensive 10 point inspection process as well as hand build each piece. An order placed on Friday would leave our warehouse the middle to late the following week. Please expect 8-10 days from ordering to receiving . If you are in need of it within 5-7 days please choose the express option.


Can I update to express shipping?

Definitly. Sometimes you just really want your Hydronius now and the best we can do is rush it out for you! Choose express shipping and your entire order will be received in 1/2 the time as standard priority.


Is Hydronius available at my local dispensary or smoke shop?

Soon. We are working on higher end smoke shops and dispensary locations now and if you have any local spots you would like us to stock up, simply email us or DM us on instagram @hydronius with the details and we will get them loaded up for you. If your interested in being a distributor email us.


Do you ship internationally?

If we get enough requests we will enable international shipping, but currently we do not accept international orders at the moment due to the shipping expenses and shipment time customers have to wait to receive their order.


How can I make my Hydronius last more then 100 hits per charge?

Boost it! Simply grab a boost battery from our accessories section and enjoy up to 250+ hits per charge! Even better, you can also use our boost battery to charge your phone! You can get unlimited uses just by plugging your Hydronius into the included charger outlet, just be careful to not forget its plugged in when passing!


How do I know when my Hydronius is fully charged?

Check the charger cord! Internal chargers can be inaccurate and create more points of potential defects/issues so we have come up with a solution by using a integrated, hyper-accurate micro processing charger cord! Once the led's on the charger cord turn off/stop blinking your Hydronius is full charged and ready for use.


Does my Hydronius arrived fully charged?

 DEFINITELY Each hand assembled Hydronius is thoroughly tested through our 10 point inspection process, from seals to battery power we make sure your unit is 100% ready to use right out for the box for 2 hours of nonstop smoking fun!


Is my Hydronius waterproof?

ALWAYS make sure to insert the silicon C charger cover into the oak base when cleaning to prevent damage to your unit. Then you can clean your bubbler just like any typical glass piece out there; no special tools or cleaning procedure needed.


How much water should I put into my Hydronius?

Less water = bigger hits and more tornado particle action. More water = a quieter, taller tornado; and a smaller rip! The level that you set your water at is totally up to you and is one of the exiting things to experiment with. To start we recommend a little over 1/2 full. For super quiet tornado functioning keep filling until the tornado stops making a sloshing sound.


Will my Hydronius burn out if I leave it on between hits?

No! what is the fun of something you have to turn off every use, let the Hydronius run and enjoy the mesmerizing tornado action for as long as you like.


Can I use my Hydronius without the tornado on/when the battery dies?

Definitely! The bubbler functions perfectly well with the quad cylinder filtration perculator with our without the tornado on.


Will other Hydronius colors be available soon?

Yes from the multi-colored requium to goldfinger and smokeout, pinkies passion and blue bot, more colors and limited edtion artist designs will be released along the way.


Is Hydronius the only product that you sell?

Currently yes, BUT Hydronius is our staple item, we are developing even more wicked variations as well as a few other hyper revolutionary functioning pieces that will be out "HINT March 2023 for our next new INSANE piece!"


Can I invest in Hydronius?

Unfortunately no. Investors are locked in and all funding secured so we are no longer taking on investors, but... we have a revolutionary product unrelated to glass units launching in December 2023 that will have an evaluation of over 1M in the first year, if interested email us for details. 1% of all sales (wholesale and retail) will be available for $7,500USD up to a total of 10% will be granted to investors before we close out funding opportunities. We will not be seeking funding on this project so either seeing this small tip or being directly interested and in contact with us will get you in.