Sales Team

Know of a local smoke shop or dispensary that  would love to have a Hydronius on display!? Grab a sales kit CLICK HERE to order and earn cash! All customers who purchase at least 1 Hydronius are eligible for our sales team! Simply follow the 3 easy steps below and you will be making cash in no time!


1. Simply add a sales kit to your order and we will ship out 50 wholesale cards along with your Hydronius rep shirt!


2. When you receive your cards and shirt in the mail, simply write your exclusive sales code (we provide you with one immediately after checkout of your sales kit via email + write on a few of your cards for reference) in the 50% wholesale code box on your cards. Then simply go to your favorite store and let them know to use your code to receive 50% off the regular price + receive a Neon Hydronius sign for their display!

*TIP: Bring your unused/clean Hydronius along with you to the stores you show to give them a quick demo and heighten their excitement.


3. Once your store checks out with your code we link the code to our database so we know which individual made the sale and how much to pay them at the end of each month!


*Payouts will be made at the end of each month ion the form of business check and accompanied by a proof of sales usage receipt showing how many units you sold!