Sign up now by following the simply step below and within 24 hours your code will be active and ready to share with the world! Share your code on facebook, instagram, in person, at stores/dispensaries/shops with anyone! Whoever uses your code will get 10% off and you will make 15% of the entire sale price. Payouts are given once your account hits $50+ in sales commission and an excel sales chart will be updated the 1st of each month on the chart below showing your code and the total number of sales! If you do not see your name, your code has never been used.

*Buddiemotions trick; you can use your own code to order items= 10% off + you make 15% of your own sale!!



1. Email support@buddieburners.com with the code name you would like activated (pick any name or numbers) and your paypal email (needed for payouts).

We will then send a confirmation email letting you know your code is active and ready to use.