Cryo Bubbler Citrus Edition

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If you love orange you are going to love the look of this amazing Citrus edition! It looks so good you are going to want to take a bite out of it, for smoking only haha! Welcome to the world of the 2lb mega ice cooling bubbler! The Cryobubbler is nothing like you have seen before with a double layered design that lets you freeze your bubbler for ultra smooth and cool rips! Simply add your Cryobubbler to your freezer for 1-3 hours and your all set! add water to the bowl stem area and wait 3-5 minutes for it to get super chilled before your sesh! Each cryobubbler lets you choose between your favorite cryobotz color as well + add on accessories for a unique and customized combo!


each purchase includes:

(1) Cryobubbler

(1) mouthpiece

(1) Bowl

(1) Cryobotz