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Hydronius 2.0

Hydronius 2.0

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Introducing the 12" Tall Hydronius auto tornado set (AKA Hydronius 2.0)! Enjoy unmatched freshness and eye stunning tornado visuals as the Hydronius filters and oxygenates the water! Crisp, clean rips with every light are guaranteed and your friends will be mind blown by the never-before-seen automatic tornado effect that lasts up to 3 hours per charge!




1. Stronger more efficient tornado effect

By utilizing more powerful and efficient internal components the Hydronius will auto tornado for up to 2.5 hours on a single charge and create a beautiful tornado up to 7" tall!


Each Hydronius unit will include:

(1) Hydronius auto-tornado  unit

(1) Nylon Braided (not that cheap cord you might be use to seeing) charging cord with led power indicators with charging outlet

(1) 14MM Ashcatcher

(1) 14MM Bowl

(1) 14MM Banger

(1) charger outlet with braided led cord


DM On Instagram @buddieburnersofficial or email us at with any questions, wholesale/store inquiries, or suggestions at any time.






We strive to provide the most accurate up to date information and make sure you are 100% happy with the new design and are working day and night to bring you the most badass new bubbler with never before seen features and effects!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Pot priest
Not a gimmick

As much of a gimmick as the tornado seems it is actually quite useful, the smoke is continuously moving in the peace even after stopping pulling which in turn because of how much surface area there is it keeps the smoke so cold, along side being super Unique this is once of the coldest hitting bongs I own

Justin Lamar
Awesome product they stand behind their stuff

I was within the 60-day warranty and the product was defective I got a replacement as soon as they were ready quick as possible and handled it very professionally what great work guys love my hydronus

A whirlwind of delight!

A true masterpiece that marries artistry with functionality. Super smooth hits, turns a simple smoke session into a mesmerizing whirlwind of delight. If you're looking to elevate your smoking game and impress your friends, this bong is a must-have addition to your collection. It's a true work of art that will leave you in awe with every hit.

Justin Poore
Totally TorNattered

This product came shipped super clean and fresh. Came out ready to work and provided extremely great function art for clean rips. With its easy to clean set up, tear down and set up is easy. Definitely a conversation starter and end .. because after the second hit … that’s the end of the conversation. Extremely positive review with really good outcomes. I was doubtful … and 2 hits later … I’m a believer that I’m not in Kansas anymore Toto. Great product and very attentive company with release of information for shipping and support. Excellent.


This piece is amazing! So fun to use, definitely a show stopper!