Mad Scientist + Hydronius + Orb Combo

Mad Scientist + Hydronius + Orb Combo

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Use this link to secure and pay 100% of the total on your 12" Tall Mad Scientist  +  Hydronius 2.0 + Orb order! Use zelle for payment plan as well if desired.  When the units are completed we will send you an email update with tracking information . Checkout with code shipme so you do not have to pay shipping!




So why is the Mad Scientist so kick ass and what upgrades have we done from version 1.0 (Hydronius)?


1. Stronger more efficient tornado effect

By utilizing more powerful and efficient internal components the Mad Scientist will auto tornado for up to 2.5 hours on a single charge and create a beautiful tornado up to 5" tall!


2. All new recyling design

When you take your hit with the auto tornado on the top half will also tornado downwards and recycle the smoke and water for hyper clean and smooth rips! You will see 2 tornados in action at once!


3. Built in Plasma windproof lighter

That's right! No more loosing your lighter or worry about the wind with our 50 bowl lights per charge bendable plasma unit! Each Plasma lighter will be magnetically attached in case you need to make any position adjustments or changes! (images coming soon).


4. Carry Case

No more bubble wrapped units or cheap boxes, we will be packaging and shipping each Mad Scientist in a custom foam inserted travel friendly carry case! No more hunting for the perfect holder or carry case, we have you covered!


Each Mad Scientist unit will include:

(1) Mad scientist auto-tornado recyling unit with plasma ignition

(1) Nylon Braided (not that cheap cord you might be use to seeing) charging cord with led power indicators

(1) 14MM Ashbubbler (that right the worlds first ash catcher that doubles as a seperate mini bubbler)

(1) 14MM Bowl

(1) 14MM Banger

(1) Carry case

 (1) 50X Magnetic attached bud magnifier


DM On Instagram @buddieburnersofficial or email us at with any questions, wholesale/store inquiries, or suggestions at any time!



We strive to provide the most accurate up to date information and make sure you are 100% happy with the new design and are working day and night to bring you the most badass new bubbler with never before seen features and effects.

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Josh Buyting
Bad customer service.

I would've loved to give a higher star review but, I haven't been able to smoke out of the mad scientist yet as it arrived broken. I messaged and told you what happened and you did nothing to Try and resolve the issue. I would either like a full refund or to be sent a replacement order